Example Lab Exercises

Bathymetry, earthquakes, and plate boundaries in woodlark basin

These exercises are freely available for public use and may be modified and/or redistributed as necessary. For more information, please contact Andy Goodliffe.

Regional Geology Lab

This is currenly used as a part of the final GEO 101 lab. It uses data from Woodlark Basin, Paupa New Guinea to review many of the concepts covered in lab and lecture. The data provided with this exercise could be used to demonstrate a wide variety of concepts, far beyond those mentioned in the exercise. The Woodlark Basin bathymetry model listed on the datasets page is used in conjunction with this exercise.

Student Guide
Data (68 MB)
This exercise requires ArcReader, available free from ESRI.

Topographic Contouring Lab

This exercise uses a number of VRML scenes from Steve Reynods' visualizing topography exercise, as well as several or our own scenes listed on the datasets page.

3D model of Augustine volcano

Student Guide (pdf)
TA Guide (pdf)
VRML Files & Immersaview (20 MB)

This exercise also mentions the Alabama geology & topography, Augustine volcano, and Mariana system scenes listed on the datasets page

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